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Days of the Bagnold Summer

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Days of the Bagnold Summer

Rating (M)


Length: 1hr 55mins

Limelight Distribution

Directed by Simon Bird

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Online Tickets available through "official website button" above. First-time director Simon Bird spins a bittersweet tale of the complexities of family and teenage strife, starring Earl Cave (son of Australian powerhouse talent Nick Cave) and his librarian mum Sue. Dad is long gone – off to Florida and a new fiancée – and Daniel has been invited out for the wedding. The invitation is both a respite from the boredom of school holidays and a token of his dad’s love, so when it’s retracted, Daniel is hurt and lashes out at his baffled mum. With strong performances, this debut feature brings a gentle coming-of-age, funny tale that acts as love-letter to single mums, introverts, suburbia and that great stretch of summer.

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